Honeycomb Paper Pom Poms


honeycomb paper pom pom


Tissue paper pom poms come in different colours and sizes. One of most amazing looking paper pom poms is the honeycomb pom pom. The most exciting moment of making this pom pom is separating the stack of tissue papers to reveal a honeycomb ball.


To make a honeycomb pom pom, a stack of 40 sheets of colourful tissue papers is required. The Japanese novelty store Daiso sells a packet of 140 sheets of colourful tissue paper for only $2.80.



Draw up a series of straight lines on a piece of white paper. Label the lines with X’s and O’s as shown in the picture above. Align a sheet of tissue paper on top of the white paper. Apply a thin layer of glue along the X lines on the tissue paper. Place a second sheet of tissue paper on top of the first sheet. This time apply glue along the O lines on the second sheet of paper. Place another sheet of tissue paper on top and repeat the process.



Use different colours of tissue paper to make a multicolour pom pom. Continue making layers of paper until you have used all the tissue papers.


On a sheet of drawing paper, cut out a circle and then cut it in half. Trace the shape of the semi-circle on the stack of tissue papers.



Cut the stack of tissue papers following the outline of the semi-circle.



Trim the 2 pieces of semi-circle drawing paper so that each looks like an arch that is smaller than the stack of tissue papers. Paste one of them on top of the stack and the other at the bottom of the tissue papers.

With the help of a needle, use a thread to loosely tie both ends of the tissue papers. You might need to loosely tie the middle edge if the pom pom is big.


The paper stack is now ready to be opened into a round shape. Hold the white paper on both sides with your fingertips and slowly pull open the stack of tissues. You should see some honeycomb patterns now!  Continue until the white papers on both ends meet. Apply glue to stick both sides together.


honeycomb paper pom poms



Click on the pictures below and check out the craft supplies for making Honeycomb Paper Pom Poms.

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