How to Get Your Kid to Poop in the Potty


Potty training is a developmental milestone for every kid. Many kids take time to be trained on the potty. It is totally normal if your child refuses to poop in the potty even if he is old enough to sit on the potty. Potty training takes a lot of patience and time.

Do not expect your child to learn in a few days or one week. Sometimes it takes several weeks of hard work to get your child to use the potty. First of all, you have to be sure your child is ready to start potty training. Some children will take a while to get used to pooping without wearing the diaper, eventhough they are ready for potty training. For others, the thought of pooping is just plain scary and sometimes painful.


Is your child ready for potty training?

How do you know if your kid is ready to sit on the potty? These are some signs that your toddler might be ready for potty training:

  • Child shows an interest in the toilet or potty.
  • Child wants to wear underwear rather than a diaper.
  • Child is able to tell you in words or has expressions that indicate he wants to poop.
  • Child is fidgety when he soils his diaper and complains about it.
  • Child is able to sit on a potty without falling off.

Before your child can begin potty training, it is important you have chosen the correct type of potty seat for your child. Potty seats come in different colors, sizes and shapes. Make sure your child is comfortable sitting on the potty you have chosen.

Tips on how to get your kid to use the potty

Here are some of the things you should do when your kid starts potty training.

Observe when your kid usually poop

Some kids have regular pooping pattern but some don’t. Those who don’t have a regular pattern quite frequently do need to poop after a heavy meal. Place the potty in the bathroom and show your child where it is. Let him know the potty is ready whenever he wants to poop. Initially, your child might not understand what the potty is for. You might want to show him by removing the poop from his diaper and dump it into the potty. Tell him that’s the place where all poops go.

Act fast

A change in facial expression, straining and suddenly standing very still in the middle of playing are the common signs of wanting to poop. Get your kid to the bathroom as soon as he shows some of these signs. Praise him for letting you know that he wants to go to the toilet.

Encourage your kid to poop regularly

Some kids just don’t like the idea of pooping. They usually ignore the urge to do it especially when they are having so much fun playing with the toys or with little friends. They only do it when they can’t hold the poop any longer. Introduce more fiber and whole grains in your kid’s diet. Give him plenty of water to drink during the day.

Stay with your child

When your child is sitting on the potty, talk to him and praise him for not soiling his diaper. Keep him occupied and entertained by reading a book to him while waiting for the poop to come out. Play some of his favourite songs, sing along with him or let him play with his favourite toy while waiting.

Do not stress

Poop doesn’t happen if your child is stressed. Praise him for sitting on the potty. Give him a drink if you think he is constipated. If your child gets a bit restless and is not pooping, get him off the potty. Let him know he can sit on the potty later if he feels like pooping again.

Lots of praises

Give him a reward like extra play time after his first successful potty session. You might want to give your child a sticker to stick on a chart for every progress he has made, and tell him how proud you are. Give him plenty of encouragement and remind him of the reward if he uses the potty again next time.

Wash his hands

Encourage your child to wash his hands after pooping even if he is too young to wipe himself. It helps your child observe good hygiene. When he is old enough to clean himself, next time he will remember to wash his hands after using the toilet.