How To Make A Pet Bed for Birds


When it comes to pampering your pet, nice dog beds and cat beds are always available in the pet stores. I could not find a smaller pet bed that is suitable for a pigeon. Pet pigeons like to nestle in soft beds just like cats and dogs, too.

Bird beds are smaller in size and they can be made from recycled materials found in the house.  My pet pigeon loves fleecy materials so I am going to use an old fleece jumper as the pet bed material, and the insides of an old pillow for stuffing the bird bed.

Pet Bed


Cut out the sleeves of the fleece jumper. Trim away the lower part of the sleeves to make two rectangular shapes.

Pet Bed Pet BedPet Bed


Sew and join the two pieces of material together at the shorter sides to make a long piece. This long piece is for making the side of the bed.

Pet Bed


Cut out two round shapes from the body of the fleece jumper.

Pet Bed


Fold the long piece that was cut earlier in half lengthwise and insert it between the two round shapes. Align the edges of the long piece with the circumference of the round pieces. Hold the materials in place with pins.

Pet Bed


Continue tucking the long piece until it covers the whole circumference around the round shapes.

Pet Bed


Starting at one end of the long piece that is in between the round pieces, sew along the edges of the round shape. Leave an opening when reaching the other end of the long strip.

Pet Bed


Invert the whole project by pulling out the materials through the opening.

Pet Bed


The pet bed should look something like this.

Pet Bed


Insert the pillow stuffing into the side and bottom of the bed to make it soft and comfy.

Pet Bed Pet Bed


Stitch up the opening and the pet bed is ready for use.

Pet Bed


And, Birdie loves her bed. Watch a video of Birdie in her new bed.

Pet Bed


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    thank you for this! just what I was looking for!

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