How To Make Quilled Fringed Flowers


Quilled Fringed Flowers


This is a tutorial on how to make paper quilling flowers with fringes.  Take a strip of quilling paper with a width of 10 mm. Make small and even cuts about three quarters across the width of the strip. The cuts should be at right angles to the edge of the paper. The fringe can have narrower width or wider width. The narrower the fringe, the more delicate the flower will look.


quilling paper


Insert one end of the quilling paper into a slotted quilling tool. Roll the fringed paper into a tight coil. Apply a little glue at the end of the strip to stick it to the coil. Wait for the glue to dry, then press the fringes down.

quilling paper

fringed flower

fringed flower


To make a fringed flower with a nice centre, glue a strip of thin quilling paper about 10cm long to a fringed strip of paper. Insert the thin paper strip into the quilling tool and start making the coil.

fringed paper

quilling paper

Continue to turn the slotted tool carefully over the area where the two papers are joined, so that the fringed paper wraps around the smaller coil.  Apply a little glue at the end of the fringed paper to finish off. Press the fringes down and you will get a flower with a nice white centre.

quilled flower

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  1. Comment by Vicki barker:

    I’m new to quilling and really appreciate your free tutorials. Thank you for sharing.

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    Hey. Thanks a lot for the tutorial. i am new to quilling and i used to think how these fringed flowers are made. Thanks to you I got my answer.

  4. Comment by Helen crosbie:

    I am new to quilling and you have helped me to see what l may accomplish with dedication..thanks

  5. Comment by SRILATHA:

    I am also new to quilling, as my son asked for his school projects, I wonder how to make quilling using quilling material, but your tutorial helped me to get perfect idea of making, I am happy after seeing this tutorial

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    Hey.It is really amazing and very simple art.I am also new to quilling.I like every pictures.

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