How To Make Honeycomb Coils in Paper Quilling


Honeycomb Coils

This is my own technique for making small loops inside a coil in paper quilling. The loops are made on a strip of quilling paper and then wrapped together to create a honeycomb pattern inside a coil.

Here are the instructions on how to make a honeycomb coil in paper quilling designs. Join two strips of quilling paper to make a longer strip. For this tutorial, I have used two strips of quilling paper of different colours to indicate where the strips are joined.

Honeycomb Coil


Insert one end of the quilling paper into a slotted quilling tool. Make a few turns on the quilling tool  and roll the paper  to make a small coil.

Honeycomb Coil


Remove the coil from the quilling tool. Insert the paper into the quilling tool again at about 1-2 cm from the coil.

Honeycomb Coil


Start turning the quilling tool towards the first coil and make another small coil next to the first one. For me, it does not really matter whether I turn the quilling tool clockwise or anti-clockwise as long as the small coils start to clump next to one another. You should see two small coils on the paper now.

Honeycomb Coil


Repeat the process and make several more coils.

Honeycomb Coil


Continue making the small coils until you reach the second strip of quilling paper.

Honeycomb Coil


Wrap the strip of paper around all the small coils so that they are arranged neatly next to each other. Apply a little glue at the end of the paper to finish close the coil. You should get one big round coil that looks like a honeycomb with the small coils inside.

Honeycomb Coil


The honeycomb coils can be pressed or pinched into different shapes as required for your paper quilling projects.

Honeycomb Coils

Click on the pictures below and check out the craft supplies for this tutorial.




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    Very beautiful

  2. Comment by Resellie:

    Very innovative idea. Simply beautiful.

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    I loved all that you have posted, I am a beginner and trying to learn everything I can. Your site is very informative. Thank you.

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    Just love it, so easy, even for a beginner like me. Thanks.

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    am a beginner…
    your process are very easy…i loved your methods..
    thank you sooo much..

  6. Comment by jayanthi baliga:

    thanks a million honey comb quilling has made my interest in the craft very exciting& easy.

  7. Comment by Tracy:

    Where can I buy the paper for quilling.. ?

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    Very nice n easy way for quilling

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