How To Store Quilling Paper


When working with quilling paper shapes and designs, things can get a little overwhelming when strips of quilling paper get mixed up and end up in a tangled mess. Quilling paper strips can easily get creased or torn if they are not kept and stored properly. Keeping strips of quilling paper organised is easy, and it saves a lot of wastage and frustration when you need to concentrate on your paper quilling designs.

Quilling Paper


Clear plastic bags are great for storing quilling paper. Sort out the quilling paper by their colours and sizes. Use one plastic bag for each colour and size of the quilling paper.

Quilling Paper

How To Store Quilling Paper


Small paper clips and magnetic clips have 101 uses. These paper clips are ideal for holding small bundles of quilling paper while you are working on a paper quilling project.

Quilling Paper


The paper clips keep the quilling paper strips straight and free from tangles.

How To Store Quilling Paper


Magnetic paper clips with quilling papers stay organised on a magnetic board.

Quilling Papers

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  1. Comment by dana:

    hi i love your idea of storing paper. where do u buy this plastic bags, and one more thing which paper you use for cutting your quilling strips. can u give more detail o the paper u use and where can i buy that too.
    thanks a lot

    • Comment by lady rain:

      I got the plastic bags from party supplies stores. I use 80gsm paper and craft construction paper for wider quilling paper, otherwise I get the pre-cut quilling paper from craft shops, ebay or

  2. Comment by aisha:

    Do you sell cut paper that is already available?

  3. Comment by Ashlesha:

    do you use a ruler to cut the strips ? What is the width and length of the stirps?

  4. Comment by eva zhou:

    It is very beautiful

  5. Comment by reenasha:

    Very usefull ideas😍..thank you

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