Paper Quilling Comb Patterns & Designs


Paper Quilling Comb Patterns

Beautiful paper quilling patterns and designs can be created with the quilling comb technique. Basic step-by-step instructions on how to use a comb to create paper quilling patterns are available in the tutorial: Paper Quilling With A Comb.

The materials required in this paper quilling tutorial are different coloured quilling paper, a comb and glue. The comb used for quilling can be any of these items: a quilling comb, an afro comb, an onion holder or a normal comb. A small baby comb is used in this tutorial!

Join two strips of quilling paper to make a longer strip of paper. I have used a green strip of paper and a blue strip of quilling paper.

Paper Quilling Comb Patterns


Start somewhere in the middle of the comb. Insert the quilling paper around a prong, at one end of the green paper that is joined to the blue paper.

Paper Quilling Comb Patterns


Start wrapping the green paper around a prong on the left of the starting point, then on the right and so forth.  The full instructions are available in my previous tutorial: Paper Quilling With A Comb.

Paper Quilling Comb Patterns

Paper Quilling Comb Patterns

Paper Quilling Comb Patterns

Paper Quilling Comb PatternsPaper Quilling Comb Patterns


Continue wrapping the strip of green paper until it becomes very short. Trim off any excess and apply a little glue to stick the end of the paper to the pattern.

Paper Quilling Comb Patterns


Now, take the strip of blue paper that is on top of the pattern and wrap it in a similar way around the prongs of the comb, but in the opposite direction with the paper layering on the top side of the comb.

Paper Quilling Comb Patterns

Paper Quilling Comb Patterns

Paper Quilling Comb Patterns


Continue making the pattern until the blue strip of quilling paper becomes very short. Glue the end of the paper to the pattern. The pattern should look like this, blue layers of paper on top and green layers of paper at the bottom:

Paper Quilling Comb Patterns


Carefully remove the pattern from the comb. Notice how the loops of different colours are facing each other.

Paper Quilling Comb Patterns


Fold the pattern so that the green part of the pattern are enclosed by the blue paper.

Paper Quilling Comb Patterns


Take another strip of blue quilling paper and use it to wrap around the pattern.

Paper Quilling Comb Patterns


Finish making the pattern by applying glue at the end of the strip and trim off any excess paper.

Paper Quilling Comb Patterns


The same quilling comb technique can also be used to create another awesome quilling pattern. After removing the pattern from the comb, just bend the pattern in the opposite direction. The green colour will be on the outside and the blue colour in the centre.

Paper Quilling Comb Patterns


Wrap the pattern with another strip of quilling paper and you’ll get another beautiful paper quilling design!

Paper Quilling Comb Patterns

Paper Quilling Comb Patterns



Click on the pictures below and check out the craft supplies for this tutorial.

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      The comb I am using is a baby comb as it is much smoother than other combs. The paper quilling strips will not get caught or get torn on it. You should be able to find baby combs in some departmental stores.

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