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When your child is ready for potty training, there are a few types of potty seats you may want to check out before buying one. Parents who had gone through the process of potty training with their little ones will know that potty training can be frustrating and challenging for both adult and child. Sometimes it is difficult to tell if a child is ready for potty training. It is usually a trial-and-error process for first-time parents.


There are many different potty seats to choose from. They come in different colors, sizes, shapes and adapters for normal toilet seats.  These potty equipment are meant to help children get out of their diapers and be able to use the toilets as they grow older. It also eliminates the fear of falling into toilets that are too large for toddlers to use.



The things to consider when buying a potty seat include your budget, your child’s preferences and your lifestyle. A higher priced potty seat does not necessarily make potty training any easier if your child is reluctant to use it. Sometimes a plain, simple potty works fine for a non fussy child.


If you have a little girl who loves pink colour, check out the pretty little pink potty in the picture. It might even encourage her to use it regularly and potty training will be a breeze. Similarly, a boy may be more at ease with a potty that has a picture of his favourite cartoon character on it.

The First Years Potty System

Travel Potty If your family spend most of your weekends camping outdoors, you might want a portable and compact potty system that can be fitted with disposable plastic bags for collecting the waste. Some potty systems can be folded and kept in a box when not in use.


Arm & Hammer Secure Comfort Potty Seat

There are potty seat adapters that can be used over the normal toilet seat. The adapters can be attached to the toilet seat and your child will be able to use the toilet just like the grown-ups. The waste is easily disposed in the toilet and the seat can be cleaned and stored away after use. Some of the adapters are made of plastic while there are some that come with soft vinyl padding for added comfort.



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