Quilled Yin-Yang Symbol


Yin-Yang SymbolThe Chinese Yin-Yang represents two complementary energies. Early Chinese scholars used the Yin-Yang concept to understand how things work in the universe. The Yin-Yang symbol still exist today. Its concept is used as a representation of the state of balance in many disciplines like health, medicine and feng shui.

Here’s how to make a Yin-Yang symbol for paper quilling projects.

Join two black strips of quilling paper to make a long strip. At one end of the black quilling paper, join a short white strip of quilling paper about 3cm in length. Repeat the same with two strips of white quilling paper and a short strip of black paper.

Yin Yang

Take one of the quilling paper and insert the end with the small strip into a quilling tool. Turn the quilling tool to make a closed coil about 1.5cm in diameter. Apply a little glue to the end of the strip to hold the quilled shape.

Repeat with the other strip of paper until you have made two coils. Each coil should have a small round contrast colour in the centre. These round centres represent the seeds of the Yin and Yang.

Yin Yang


Pinch each coil to form two teardrop coils.

Yin Yang


Bend the pointed end of each coil so that it is slightly curved. Fit the two quilled pieces together to form the Yin-Yang symbol.

 Yin Yang


Apply a little glue to hold the Yin and the Yang. Take a strip of black quilling paper and wrap around the two quilled shapes.  Apply glue to finish off.

Yin Yang


Yin Yang


Paper quilling tools for making Yin-Yang symbol:


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