Paper Quilling With A Comb


The materials required in this paper quilling tutorial are strips of quilling paper, a comb and some glue. The comb can be any of these items: a quilling comb, afro comb, an onion holder or a normal comb. I am using a baby comb in this tutorial!

Start somewhere in the middle of the comb. Insert a quilling paper around a prong like this.



Wrap the strip of quilling paper around a prong on the left of the middle prong.



Bend the quilling paper under the comb and wrap the next prong on the right of the middle prong.

7200056_f260 7200057_f260


Bend the paper under and back to the left side of the comb and wrap the prong next to the previous loop on the left.

7200058_f260 7200059_f260


Continue wrapping the prongs until the whole strip of paper is twirled around the comb.

7200060_f260 7200061_f260 7200063_f260


When finished looping, apply a little glue to the end of the paper strip and stick it to the coil. Trim off the excess paper if necessary.

7200068_f260 7200072_f260


Remove the looped paper from the comb but hold the paper firmly so that the loops do not unwind or become loose. Use a pair of craft pliers to hold the paper if it is too delicate to handle with your fingers.



Gently bend the looped paper so that the leftmost loop touches the rightmost loop. All the small loops will be enclosed on the inside of the coil.

7200075_f260 7200076_f260


Get hold of another strip of quilling paper and wrap it around the coil following its shape. Finish wrapping the coil by applying a little glue to the end of the paper strip and trim off the excess paper.



This is how the quilled coil should look like. It has an oval shape with little loops inside the coil.



After making the loops on the comb, the paper can also be bent the other way to make a coil with a different design on the inside.

7200097_f260 7200098_f260  7200101_f260

Wrap a strip of quilling paper around the coil following its shape. Apply some glue to the end of the paper strip and trim off excess paper.

7200102_f260 7200103_f260


Click on the pictures below and check out the craft supplies for this tutorial.

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  1. Comment by twinkle:

    really nice……..i think you should show more patterns in quilling…but then too its damn gud 🙂

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    it is very nice……..

  4. Comment by Vijaya Lakshmi:

    It is very useful for a beginner. continue to post more varieties.
    Vijaya Lakshmi

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