Spirelli String Art Patterns and Instructions


Spirelli string art is said to have originated from stitching on cards that was discovered by Mary Everest Boole in the late nineteenth century. It is created by winding a thread or string around a die cut shape.

Spirelli String Art Patterns


Spirelli string crafts can be used as embellishments for scrapbooking, cards and craft projects. It is easy to make and only requires a sheet of paper, cardstock or cardboard, a pair of scissors and string, thread or yarn. Those were the only materials and tools I had when I did spirelli string art patterns at school. We didn’t have diecut punches, craft scissors and other fancy tools back then.


Preparing the paper shapes

This is how you can make a spirelli string art design on a round card. If you have a die cut paper punch with a flower shape, you can use that to punch out a round diecut shape. Otherwise, you will have to do it the traditional way like what I did many years ago! Draw a circle on the card/paper you want to cut out.

Spirelli String Art Craft Scissors


Use a pair of craft scissors with decorative edges to cut the paper.

Spirelli String Art


Again, if you do not have a pair of decorative craft scissors, you can still do this art project with a normal pair of scissors to cut petal shapes or zig-zags around the circle.

Spirelli String Art Spirelli String Art


How to create the spirelli patterns

With a piece of paper shape, take one end of the thread and tape it to the paper. This side will be the back of the spirelli pattern.

Spirelli String Art


Bring the thread to the front of the paper so that it goes in between two petals near the top of the paper. Bring the thread in between another two petals near the bottom and to the back of the paper.

Spirelli String Art


Do the same with the next two petals at the top and bottom so that the thread continues to wind around the paper.

Spirelli String Art


Keep going until the thread comes back to the first two petals where you started. Cut the thread and tape it to the back of the paper to secure the thread.

Spirelli String Art


Turn the pattern over. The front of the spirelli art project should look something like this.

Spirelli String Art


You can use different shapes and colours of paper and thread for your craft designs.

Spirelli String Art Photo Frame Spirelli String Art Card

Check out these cool craft supplies for Spirelli String Art Projects.

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  1. Comment by Barbara Statham:

    Do you know of any books or pamphlets I can buy that has spirelli instructions and patterns??

  2. Comment by Myra:

    Thank you so much for your HOW TO. This is the best info I have come across on this.

  3. Comment by Lou Eberhart:

    Nice simple instructional website, would like to see more patterns for string art though.

  4. Comment by Lou Eberhart:

    Nice simple instructional website, would like to see more patterns for string art though. For those of you who might be interested….if you look for old books at libraries, book sales, and thrift stores, their are many good books with complete instructions and patterns for STRING ART…I have one by Robert Sharpton. And Klutz (company) makes a good string art instruction book (aimed for children). Also, if you Have a good old SpiroGraph kit, you can make your own patterns to use for STRING ART. Kenner and Janlynn have kits now to make ones similar to the ones on this website (make with card, foam cardstock, thread, etc.)

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