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Tetrahedron Zipper Coin Pouch


Zipper Coin Pouch

It’s time to do some sewing with this next craft project. This cute tetrahedron zipper coin pouch makes a nice little giveaway gift for Christmas. The project does not require a sewing machine. The stitches are easier being hand sewn than with a sewing machine.

The materials required for this project are:

1 zip (50cm long)

a needle

a spool of thread

colourful ribbons

a pair of scissors

sewing pins



Lay the zip on a flat surface. Make a mark at the bottom stop of zip and another mark 5cm from it as shown.

Zipper Coin Pouch


Unzip the zip. Take the right side of the zip and bend it around the 2nd marker so that the side overlaps itself. Sew with a matching colour thread to hold the shape. It doesn’t matter what stitch you use as long as it can be easily removed if you need to make some adjustments. The stitches do not have to look perfect because they will be covered by the ribbon later.

Zipper Coin Pouch


Tuck the bottom tape extension of the zip under and then fold the right side of the zip around so that it overlaps with the left side of the zip.

Zipper Coin Pouch


Continue stitching to hold the two overlapping sides together.

Zipper Coin Pouch


Test the zip as you sew. The shape of the pouch should start to look something like.

Zipper Coin Pouch


Continue to zip the pouch until you reach the top stop of the zipper.

Zipper Coin Pouch


Press the sides of the pouch together with your fingers. If everything goes well, you should get a tetrahedron shape pouch with four triangular sides. Tuck the top end of the zip inside. Use a pin to hold the zip in place so that you can stitch easily.

Zipper Coin Pouch


If the pouch does not form this tetrahedron shape, you have to undo the stitches to make some adjustments. You can also use pins to hold the zip together while you try to get the shape you want for the pouch. It can be a little tricky with the pins unless you are extra careful with handling the pouch without getting pricked by the pins!

When you are satisfied with the shape of your zipper coin pouch, use strips of ribbon to decorate the inside and outside of the pouch. I have chosen Christmas ribbons for the outside of the coin pouch.



Start from the bottom of the zip again and cover the zip fabric with ribbon. Make sure the ribbon is in between the zipper so that the it does not get stuck when you zip or unzip the pouch. Attach the ribbon to the pouch and sew.

Loop a short strip of ribbon and insert the ends of the ribbons in between the overlapping parts at the top of the pouch. Sew to secure the ribbon.

Zipper Coin Pouch


Similarly, use another ribbon to line the inside of the pouch to cover the stitches.

Zipper Coin Pouch


And, this project is completed!

Zipper Coin Pouch


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