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How to Make Cute Owls


Paper Quilling Tutorial – How to Make Cute Owls



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Paper Quilled Fringed Flowers With Multi Coloured Fringes


DSCN3615 (2300x1726)

In a previous tutorial, I made paper quilled fringed flowers with plain fringes.

Quilled Fringed Flowers

For full instructions on how to make fringed flowers from the previous tutorial, follow this link.


In this paper quilling tutorial, I am going to add colours to the fringes.

Take a strip of quilling paper with a width of 10 mm. DSCN3606 (2300x1733)


Draw a straight line along one edge of the quilling paper with a texta pen or highlighter pen of any colour of your choice. The line does not have to be perfect, it can be a thin line or thick line. Using another colour or shade, draw another line next to the first line. Again, the line can be of different thickness.

DSCN3607 (2300x1728)


While I am at it, I made more lines and colours on different strips of quilling paper.

DSCN3608 (2300x1728)


Next, fringe the quilling paper by making small and even cuts about three quarters across the width of the strip (and on the side where the coloured lines are). The cuts should be at right angles to the edge of the paper.

DSCN3609 (2300x1726)


I am going to make fringed flowers with small coloured centres, so I glued a strip of thin quilling paper about 10cm long to the other side of each strip of fringed paper.

DSCN3610 (2300x1727)


To make a flower, insert the thin paper strip into the quilling tool and start turning the tool to make a tight coil.

DSCN3611 (2300x1732)


Keep turning the quilling tool until the whole strip of quilling paper is rolled up. Apply a little glue at the end of the fringed paper to finish off. Repeat the same with the other strips of fringed paper.

DSCN3612 (2300x1732) DSCN3613 (2300x1728)


Press the fringes down and you will get beautiful quilled flowers with lovely multi-coloured fringes.

DSCN3618 (2300x1728)


Get your paper quilling supplies here


Origami Paper Hearts


Cool project to do for Valentine’s Day. Full instructions for origami heart at the following link:

3D Paper Heart

3D Origami Hearts

3D Paper Hearts


Celebrate Valentine’s Day with 3D paper hearts! Click on the picture for instructions on how to make 3D paper hearts.

3D Paper Hearts

Miniature Origami Books


Learn how to make your own origami books. Full details and instructions at the following link:

Miniature Books

Miniature books

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