How To Make Tight Coils in Paper Quilling


Quilled Coils


Take one end of a strip of quilling paper  and insert it into a slotted quilling tool.

Hold the paper with one hand and the quilling tool with the other hand.

Start turning the tool to roll the strip of paper.

Making A Quilled Tight Coil


Put a bit of tension on the paper so that it does not come loose.

Keep turning the tool until the other end of the quilling paper becomes very short.

Making A Quilled Tight Coil


With a toothpick, apply a little bit of glue on the paper to stick it to the coil and hold the shape in place.

To make bigger coils, join several strips of quilling paper together to get a long strip of paper.

To make multi-coloured tight coils, use several quilling paper strips of different colours joined together.

Making A Quilled Tight Coil


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