Tools & Materials for Paper Quilling


tools & materials for paper quilling


Paper Quilling Resources

Quilling Paper

Paper quilling craft uses strips of quilling paper that come in many colors and different dimensions. The paper weight of the quilling paper is between 80gsm to 100gsm. The width of each paper strip ranges from 1.5cm to 10cm.


Slotted Tool

A slotted tool is used for rolling the strips of quilling paper into a coil. A toothpick can also be used to roll the paper strip but the coil will display a bigger hole in the center.


Craft Glue

Any craft glue can to used on the loose ends of the paper strips. Use the glue sparingly on the quilling paper. A toothpick can be used for applying the glue.


Quilling Board

When you want to make many coils of the same size, the quilling board is a great tool to have. The circle templates on the quilling board help to hold each coil to the correct size and measurement.


Paper Fringer

The paper fringer is for making fringes on a strip of quilling paper quickly. Fringing can also be done with a pair of scissors but it takes time to do it and the paper sometimes does not turn out perfectly fringed. The fringed quilling paper is used to make fringed flowers.


Quilling Comb

There are several techniques for making quilled crafts. One of the tools used for quilling is the quilling comb. A strip of paper is wound around the prongs of the quilling comb to make a quilled design.



A pointed tip scissors or craft knife is useful for fringing a strip of quilling paper and for trimming off excess strips of quilling paper. Some people prefer to tear off the quilling paper when making quilled coils.


Crimper Tool

To make crimped strips of quilling paper, the crimper tool is a useful tool to have. The quilling paper is inserted through the tool and crimped by turning the handle.


Bulldog Clip

When making fringing manually with a pair of scissors, a bulldog clip is used as a guide during cutting. It can also be used to hold several strips for quilling paper together for fringing with a pair of scissors.

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  1. Comment by E.Eyal Mozhi:

    what kind of varnish is used to make the paper earring into a strengthen one ?

  2. Comment by lady rain:

    You can use any clear gloss varnish available from craft stores.

  3. Comment by SHANTHI S:

    how to purchase this tools?

  4. Comment by lady rain:

    Shanthi, click on the picture of the item/s you want and it will bring you to’s website where you can make your purchases.

  5. Comment by Dana:

    Do u make your own strips or used precut strips? And if u make your own strips which paper u use? And it’s shld be of what weight?

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